Data collection

With the Turris router you can join Project Turris which is a non-profit research project founded by the CZ.NIC association, a .CZ domain registry. By joining the project, your router will act as a probe which analyzes traffic between your home network and the Internet and helps to identify malicious data flows. Once such a flow is detected your router notifies the Turris headquarters which can compare the flow with data from the rest of the probes and assign it a threat level. If the flow is identified as an attack Turris headquarters can prepare an update which is distributed to every Turris router and helps them to protect themselves against the attack.

Data collection status

uCollect data: Online status updated 82 seconds ago
firewall logs: Online status updated 788 seconds ago

Emulated services

One of uCollect's features is emulation of some commonly abused services. If this function is enabled, uCollect is listening for incoming connection attempts to these services. Enabling of the emulated services has no effect if another service is already listening on its default port (port numbers are listed below).

Hint: If this option is enabled, user names and passwords are collected and sent to server in addition to the IP address of the client.
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