This section contains settings for the local network (LAN). The provided defaults are suitable for most networks.
Note: If you change the router IP address, all computers in LAN, probably including the one you are using now, will need to obtain a new IP address which does not happen immediately. It is recommended to disconnect and reconnect all LAN cables after submitting your changes to force the update. The next page will not load until you obtain a new IP from DHCP (if DHCP enabled) and you might need to refresh the page in your browser.

Hint: Manage mode means that this devices manages the LAN (acts as a router, can assing IP addresses, ...). Unmanaged mode means that this device acts as a client in this network. It acts in a similar way as WAN, but it has opened ports for configuration interface and other services.
Hint: Router's IP address in the inner network.
Hint: Network mask of the inner network.
Hint: Enable this option to automatically assign IP addresses to the devices connected to the router.
Discard changes

DHCP clients

Expires IP Address MAC Address Hostname Active
2018-11-21 23:28 14:b3:1f:18:cb:9b iHuman