Server configuration

To work properly OpenVPN plugin needs:
  • public IP address (preferably static)
  • standard network settings (WAN and LAN devices present)

Previous settings

If you haven't tried to set up OpenVPN server on our router yet, you can safely proceed to "Apply configuration" button.

Otherwise if you've tried to set up OpenVPN outside this plugin, there is a chance that your configuration might collide with the configuration created by this plugin. Therefore you might need to disable the old configuration first.

Hint: This option enables openvpn server to listen on IPv6 address. It could be beneficial for users who does not have a public IPv4 address and want to use openvpn server.
Hint: Choose a protocol which will be used when the clients are connecting to the server.
Hint: This network should be different than any network directly reachable from the router and the clients.
Hint: After enabling this option all traffic from your client will be routed through the vpn.
Hint: After enabling this option your client should start to use DNS server on your router.
Current settings
Device: tun_turris
Port: 1194
Route: All traffic

Note that when you trigger "Apply configuration" button you might lose the connection to the router for a while. This means that you might need to reopen this admin page again.

Client configuration

Here you can create and revoke the client capability to connect to your OpenVPN network.

Hint: The display name for the client. It must be shorter than 64 characters and must contain only alphanumeric characters, dots, dashes and underscores.

Client Status

Be sure to check, that the server IP address provided in you configuration file actually matches the public IP address of your router. You can set this address manually when the autodetection fails.
Hint: A server address which will be present in the client config.

To apply the client configuration you need to download it and put it into the OpenVPN config directory or you might try to open it using your OpenVPN client directly. You might need to restart your client afterwards.

Delete CA

You can't delete the CA while the OpenVPN server is enabled. To delete the CA you need to disable the server configuration first.