Updater is a service that keeps all TurrisOS software up to date. Apart from the standard installation, you can optionally select bundles of additional software that'd be installed on the router. This software can be selected from the following list. Please note that only software that is part of TurrisOS or that has been installed from a package list is maintained by Updater. Software that has been installed manually or using opkg is not affected.

Data collection is currently enabled. You can not disable updater without disabling the data collection first.

Update approvals

Update approvals can be useful when you want to make sure that updates won't harm your specific configuration. You can e.g. install updates when you're prepared for a possible rollback to a previous snapshot and deny the questionable update temporarily. It isn't possible to decline the update forever and it will be offered to you again together with the next package installation.

Hint: Updates will be installed without user's intervention.
Hint: Updates will be installed with an adjustable delay. You can also approve them manually.
Hint: You have to approve the updates, otherwise they won't be installed.

Package lists

A Foris plugin allowing to manage remote API access tokens (for example for use in Spectator or Android application).
Control software for home automation, including Turris Gadgets.
Software for participation in data collection and dynamic distributed firewall.
Software for detecting new devices on local network (EXPERIMENTAL).
Software for sharing television received by a DVB tuner on Turris. Does not include device drivers.
Several addional tabs and controls for the advanced LuCI interface.
Software for monitoring connections of devices in local network (obsolete).
Software for in depth monitoring of your traffic (EXPERIMENTAL).
Services allowing to connect a disk to the router and use it as network data store.
Trap for password-guessing robots on SSH.
Set of utilities to manage Linux Containers (lightweight virtualization technology).
Support for additional protocols and connection types.
Actively measures speed of Internet connection using netmetr.cz service.
An easy setup of OpenVPN server from Foris.
Services allowing to connect a printer to the router and use it for remote printing.
Service for storing configuration backups on remote servers (EXPERIMENTAL).
Support for USB sound card.
HTTP caching proxy Squid.
Service to increase anonymity on the Internet.
Support to capture image with web camera.
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