Here you specify your WAN port settings. Usually, you can leave this options untouched unless instructed otherwise by your internet service provider. Also, in case there is a cable or DSL modem connecting your router to the network, it is usually not necessary to change this setting.

Hint: Hostname which will be provided to DHCP server.
Hint: DUID which will be provided to the DHCPv6 server.
Hint: Useful in cases, when a specific MAC address is required by your internet service provider.
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Connection test

Here you can test you connection settings. Remember to click on the Save button before running the test. Note that sometimes it takes a while before the connection is fully initialized. So it might be useful to wait for a while before running this test.

"Unable to verify network connection.
Test type Status
IPv4 connectivity ???
IPv4 gateway connectivity ???
IPv6 connectivity ???
IPv6 gateway connectivity ???
Test connection